Patch: 0.1.27E It's getting brighter

  • World Shifting in (Not player available yet)
  • Placeable offset fixed
  • Muzzle flares are in (Only test one active right now)
  • Chests are in (you can now store items in containers)
  • Per BackPack behavior is in
    • JetPacks have been re-enabled to craft
    • They come with two new stats
      • Fuel Inefficacy ( How much is drained per a second)
             -      Thrust Power ( How much force lifts you up when jetpack is active)
  • Biomes now change as you go down and clay/dirt/rock/mud change their color based on the biome they are in
  • Loot
    • Creatures drop loot
    • Formations drop loot
  • Exposure is back
  • Resource generation has been further cleaned up
  • First phase of power grid is implemented ( Not accessible to players yet)

Patch: Armor and Fun 0.1.21E

  • Burst Text
    • Burst Text with special tags
  • Player should now auto learn new start schems on old avatars
  • Tool tips for schematics
  • Gun tool tips have been completely revamped
  • Formation Laser Axe Added (phase 1)
    • Will remove trees when used on them \
  • ‘ALT’ now closes all active windows
  • Updated the tooltip after craft for crafting result window
  • Player bonk is in
    •  When player is hit they will go invulnerable for a short period of time and take a slight bump in the opposing direction from which they were hit
  • Holopets
    • Creatures that give you bonuses or just keep you company as you explore
    • A new droid can be crafted found in ARMOR and KITS tab
  • Laser pick has been adjusted and tuned, a new Enhanced Laser has been added back
  • Banner Text is in
  • Gear Screen Attribute Summary (C is re-enabled and you can now see the attributes on your character)
  • Stat System is in
    • The player now has attributes which can be directly modified by outside sources like Armor/Kits/Holopets
  • Armor/Gear that modifies stats is now in.
  • Fall damage now scales based on how much life you have and is more granular damage based on your fall speed on impact
  • Tiny Crabs now do 11 damage per a strike
  • Smaller jellies now blink lights and smaller versions move faster than their larger ones.
  •  Increased Range of Picking up items
  •  Crab attack sound updated
  • FIXED: Some resources being ignored are not ignored any more
  • FIXED:  When pressed against the wall laser pick will pop first block in front of you instead of through the wall
  • FIXED:  Issue that allowed you to swap into invalid slots 

Patch 0.1.13E



  • Cryopods have a new UI!
  • Cryopods now require Cryorods as fuel to respawn players, without rods players will drop most of there items in the world and will have to go back and recover them. The 'master pod' created when a new world is made starts with 10 rods.
  • Cryorods can now be crafted.

Bug Fixes

  • Crafting tabs now repopulate when you leave and then load a new world.
  • Fixed issues with worlds saving/loading.

Patch: Death and Fun Part1 0.1.7E


All avatars and worlds will be automically deleted when starting the game. A few issues caused it to be needed.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Creating a master cryopod and starting area.
  • New avatars going into old worlds.
  • Avatars not saving when 'disconnecting' from worlds.
  • Aim angles of tools (Laser Pick its the most noticeable).
  • World rendery when near the edge of the world.
  • Foggy/Burry UI.
  • Text input focus locking (resulted in randomly losing the ability to move) 'freezing/Slow' avatar movement when near the edge of the world.

Features Added:

  • Armor can now be crafted and equipped (open the character screen by pressing 'C').
  • Armor now has a science fancy new effect for when you equip/unequip things.
  • Cryopods can now be crafted, placed and bound to (press 'F' with your mouse over a pod to bind to it).
  • Preliminary stats in place for full death system.
  • Can now toggle the helmet visible via the character screen (it is not saved for now).
  • First re-implementation of burst text


  • Refinery Screen now correctly blocks the dropping of items that are invalid to the input slot.
  • Murder was added to current creatures.

Known Issues:

  • Some item slots have there icons offset.
  • Placeable previews arent in the correct position (but the beam does still correctly become brighter in a valid position).

Patch: Rebirth 0.1.4E


This represents the first installment of the “REBIRTH” of Edge Of Space. A lot of new things and some things are gone that will come back soon. We are taking huge steps to establish the polish you the players deserve in Edge Of Space. Patches will be coming back more frequently from this point on.

  • Physics
    • Complete rewrite removing old physics
    • Unified all physics math
    • Added more values to allow more control of players/vehicles/creatures and effects on them
  • Rendering
    • Overhaul on rendering from the ground up
    • Pixel perfect drawing now
    • Character's size was reduced to 3 units tall instead of 4
    • Lighting has been optimized but still under construction
    • New implementations of how textures are handled for optimization
  • World Management
    • World loading is changed to allow for easier control of world events
    • The world size has been adjusted to 2000x8000 in order to allow for instanced worlds to be viable
  • Instanced “pocket worlds” are functional but not available yet
  • Single player is now available and multiplayer has been temporarily disabled
  • Any single player can jump to any local world made by the player as long as version are compatible
  • Main Menu has been updated to be consistent with the game’s art style.
  • New options have been added which are available in the main screen and in game by hitting ESC
  • Crafting screen has been completely reworked to be more user friendly. Is still under construction but available.
    • Player can now view their schematics and requirements at the same time
    • Player, if the item allows, can adjust the number of the item they want to make and the requirements will automatically adjust for the player.
    • If the player moves a mineral into a slot that is not viable a red X will pop up to indicate this can not be used.
  • Old Tool Bar has been removed and changed into the streaming Toolbar. Which can be modified by opening up your inventory.
    • This tool bar represents a reference to what is in your inventory instead of inventory slots themselves.
      -  You can modify this list by opening up your inventory R and using the reference there or by click and then dropping it in the shown list in the upper left
    • Use keys Q & E to move up and down the list. The item in the largest square is selected.
    • Hit SHIFT in order to toggle seeing the full action bar or the compressed one
    • Double clicking a toolbar slot auto empties it
  • Placement tool that will also have the type of material you are holding represented in the tool. Clicking Right Click will change from foreground mode to back tile mode.
  • Formation system has been put in place
    • Controls growing plants and tree like plants
  • Sprite based effect system has been put in place
  • Updated beam effect system is in place
  • New creature API for internal use has been implemented
  • Exposure is working but not fully implemented
  • Armor is under construction
  • Power system has been temporarily disabled
  • Creature spawning is in but still under construction
  • Power Required Items are not powered at the moment
  • Gun Sound Fx first pass are going in with available guns
  • Projectile hitFx first pass going in
  • Updated Jelly and new behavior in ( for now they are mostly harmless... but not forever!) - Updated Crab logic ( A bit nicer )
  • Effect system Temporarily disabled
  • Refining is in but the stat propagation has been temporarily disabled.
  • Refining/Crafting has been auto propagated to the action bar while character sheet is currently disabled.
  • Resources are going through a new distribution settings
  • Crafting “SCIENCE!!” Will return it is just taking a break
  • Some Items will not be craftable at the moment due to not being able to acquire some of the resources this is temporary
  • Some Items have been temporarily removed from the crafting starting list
    • Refining Kit
    • Enhanced Laser Pick
  • All armors are temporarily not available
  • Crafting when inventory is full will cause the item to be auto deleted currently
  • Character creation is in
    • The current selection is not final just the starting set for now
    • Can choose between male and female

Hot Fix Fresh Off the sKillet

  • Fixed Hunter Seeker Spawn issues
    • Made more aggressive spawns bomb bots at a larger range and more frequently
    • Only spawns 2 bomb bots per release

-Fixed Plasma Tree Spawn issues

Play Patch 7.1.135



  • Network Optimizations
  • Fixes to creature spawns system
  • Adjusted generators
  • Physics Optimizations
  • Natural Elevators: Random natural bubble fissures that create bubbles you can ride
  • Nest Events: Do not disturb these unless you plan to take it down. Will release a horde of enemies at you once it is triggered
  • 22 new weapon schematics
  • Effect system implementation (creatures now apply effects on player and player can do effects)
  • Tech Drop Crates: These are randomly generated throughout the world and when popped have chances to drop various scientific goodies. They are color coded, which represents the kind of thing you will get from that crate
  • Introduction to "Raw" subtype: Minerals that are unrefined are now considered raw, and can be used in crafting of basic schematics. Refer to the tool tip to see the classification for a Raw resourece
  • Unique Weapon projectiles for all guns
  • Unique sounds for all weapons
  • Energy does not recharge while in mid air (for now)
  • All plant art has been updated
  • Plasma Torch no longer requires power to create light
  • Full schematic requirement pass: Making it easier to craft things and better to plan for crafting things
  • Schematic Icon update: Green for (Does not require any refinement) Blue (Requires Some refinement)
  • Glow FX pass
  • Fixes to Core creature scripts
  • Crabs have a slight fear of heights
  • Jellies are a bit bigger, and apparently squishier
  • Accuracy has been removed for now and will be re implemented a different way

Known Issues

  • Small chance for you to respawn with no energy/health or both. If this happens Disc and reconnect
  • Creatures sometimes flicker (we are tuning our prediction)
  • A chance for a character to disappear but still be there to other player but they are still there (Due to some of the network optimizations still researching)
  • Tiles are invisible in areas where 2 biomes touch
  • When learning a schematic relog to update schematic list
  • Do not leave a crafted weapon in the first slot of your action bar

General Fixes 7.1.128

  • Loads of new stuff added to the system but not available yet
  • Physics Updates and optimizations
  • Changed up some items to use unrefined resources for crafting
  • Fixed network issues with the snapshot system
  • Secret Project Implementation Deployed but not active
  • Optimization to snapshots
  • 12% more Science

Quick Fix 7.1.120

  • Fixed a referencing issue for the machine gun
  • Fixed an issue with the snapshot system
  • Fixed a rare situation where a full crash could occur

Stability Patch Part1: 7.1.119

  • Reduced memory allocations required to create a snapshot (should fix GC tick for all users)

  • Now throttling snapshot speed based on players latency to prevent the server from getting dragged down.

  • Fixed the machine gun to using the correct script when created (yes you will need to craft a new one and ditch the old one)

  • Fixed Dual Lensed light to use it's powered placeable sprite, and Standard Lamp

  • Added x3 more Love and Cuddles =)

Nature is Great 7.0.116


Change List:

  • Rewrote entity networking, using delta compressed snapshots for greater network performance
  • New creature Spawning system
  • New CryoPod and starting place
  • new spawn/respawn animation/sound on new cryopod
  • Healing station that when powered heals players around it (not a starter schem)
  • Rifle Balanced to 7 wide base
  • Make the crate be a chest
  • Make the miniturizer not pop stuff instantly ( need ability to grab placeable ID) 2 seconds right now. (needs a way to put an indicator on an item will get that later)
  • Create a smaller generator 1 line of power
  • Replace O2generator with a more appropriate Graphic
  • Added (lighting pet), (energy poppin pet), ( health poppin pet)
  • All creatures rigged up to accept database info for variations to be easier to implement
  • Implemented Natural generators and first pass. Create a “mostly” safe top of the world.
  • Loosen up drops on weapons on creatures current 2% change to 10% currently
  • Various fixes to world gen to improve performance and stability
  • Increased max limit of creatures
  • Added Cave specific music, for those adventures into the deep


  • Machine gun Class3 properly crafts now
  • Fixed a bug that caused kits to not be equip able
  • Weird disconnected state issues


  • GC tick that is being tackled as we speak (this means you might experience a slight hitch from time to time)

Time To go ArkCo Style Patch 7.0.101

  • Completely Revamped Ingame UI
    • New Tool bar
    • New Tool tip format
    • New refining window
    • New character window (Click C)
    • Completely revitalized crafting window
      • Word Sorting
      • Tab categories
      • Streamlined schematic window
    • Updated Health and energy bar
      • Now the explicit number read out and approximate bar read outs
    • Pressure Gauge
      • If No 02(stabilization gas) pressure then is bright and on
      • If pressure is changing rapidly it blinks (generally still safe)
      • Safely pressurized is off. 
  • Exposure Implemented
    • As you go deeper the natural exposure rank of the world will elevate 
    • Upgrade your gear or use stabilizing gas generators to move deeper
  • Pressure Gas simulation
    • Create a Stabilizing Gas generator and create a sealed area (Sealed area must be a closed off foreground and filled in background in order to work.
  • Grass now simulates (This leads into other growing patterns not deployed yet but you will see it)
  • Resource generation controls implemented and first pass on what resource generation will be like deployed
    • Resources also populate in background tiles 
  • More network optimizations
  • Some schematics have be phased out or moved into drops.
  • Updates to some names and description
  • Balance pass on weapons
  • First pass on preparing gear to have stats current exposure rank only applied
    • Increases your exposure rank based on how much it adds
  • Mouse scroll now works with any scroll bars
  • Updating and revamp of many schematic costs
  • ArkLight1000 re-implemented
  • Any unique item can be custom named when you craft it
  • Exposure bar indicator added
    • When you go into an area with higher exposure than you can handle an indicator will appear and begin to fill up get clear of the high exposure zone before the bar fills up or you will begin to take damage until you clear it and the bar cools down.
  • Outposts have been implemented as stage one of dungeons. Now various ruins will populate around the world.
  • Fixed lighting artifacts
  • Rendering adjustments to tiles and player

From here on out you will be seeing things being adjusted and going more into the direction of how the game will feel. It does not mean what you see in a current patch is final, just we are going to start taking more steps to getting to final instead of just function patching.

Weapons! & Weapons!.... and pets?


(You will lose your old worlds in this patch) - Procedural Weapons Pt1

 -     Implementation of 5 weapon types 
 -     Fully randomized visuals 
 -     procedural generated stats
 -     Modular bonuses enabled 
 -     Craft em, and see what you get! 
  • Holopets Phase1
    • Scattered around the world are brown eggs, pop them with your miniturizer to collect holopets!
    • Can you find the Droid?
  • Chests
    • Now you can store your stuff! Check your schematics for the chests!
    • If you miniturize the chest, all stuff inside will currently be deleted
  • Glass
    • Enjoy a window view of the stars, Check your schematics to craft it
  • Visual Overhaul
    • Improved resolution of world tiles
    • Improved rendery of world tile blending
    • Improved placeable rendering
    • Updates to biome tiles
    • Varous first past FX added
  • Music / Sounds
    • Biome Specific music
    • Music system in place for dynamic mood shifts
    • All 5 major biome themes are in
    • Varous sound FXs added Bug fixes:
  • Player locking bug fixes
  • More stability passes
  • Doors now only occupy 1 tile space

Patch warning


Do not craft the test weapon, you will be sorry

Stability & Logic Oh MY! 6.1.72

  • Fixed a bug related to duplicate User IDs
  • Fixed a disconnect issue related to bad sound reference
  • Fixed an issue where you could repadily press the load button resulting in memory leaks on the server
  • Resolution options and keybind options
  • Music system, phase one
    • Esc will bring up place holder volume controls
    • Unique music in each biome deployed
  • Fixed loads of memory leaks in entity system
  • Can no longer learn duplicate schematics (No extra knowledge for you!)
  • Poked as many holes as we could in the universe to test stability
  • Added The following gates (changed their names to gates to be easier to understand)
    • ORGate
    • NORGate
    • XORGate
    • XNORGate
    • ANDGate
    • NANDGate
    • NOTGate
    • RAMGate
    • We clearly love our gates
  • Cleaned up names on schematics to make easier to read
  • Unvield the wiki Wiki I recommend for the power system enthusiast.
  • Cleaned up some placeables that were not showing up
  • Cleaned up Piranavor logic
  • Reduced the cost of the ArkLight 1000 (For now mwahahaha)


  • Power system is now active (This is the first exposed iteration of the system it still has some known issues here and there. Connect 200 lights together at your own risk =) )
    • Can go into power mode by pressing P
    • Can connect power objects together
    • Activation events work
  • Updated the list of craft able objects to include objects that use power. Try them out have some fun. This is only a small number of all the things we plane to implement.
    • Dull Spotlight
    • XOr Switch
    • Generator MK2
    • Single Block lever
    • Pressure Plate
    • Portable radio
    • standard door
    • standard trap door
    • medium power relay
    • medium event relay
  • Loot drops now work as expected
  • Creatures have been polished up. More sounds added and some new behavior added.

New year Quick Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the jetpack to never shutdown when out of energy.

  • Fixed issues related to player states between different clients, there was some ID confusion that could cause issues from damage being applied to the wrong player to tools changing on different players.

  • Fixed issues that cause entities to no get cleaned up correctly (mostly related to world items not getting removed when a player picked them up).

  • Cleaned up some player states to fix some random issues.

  • Fixed issues with telnet client on public server.

Holiday Patch

  • Re-enabled ability to wear armor
  • Click "C" to open armor/character menu
  • Kits now have character "Kit Slots" that they go into (press - or + ) to open crafting/refining
  • Added the ability for the system to check account for special items and to give them to the player
  • Prepping for the power system
  • Added armors to crafting
  • Updated more creatures in the spawning que
  • Opened up the public server and deployed Phase 1 of remote server controls.
  • Optimized Player with completely rewritten controls and render technique ( looks the same to you, works about 10x better for us)


You go get your free Holiday Kringle Armor at EdgeOfSpace

Quick Patch note


Full patch notes will be out Wednesday

Crafting and Refining:

Key: - Key: +

These are new "kit slots" that are equipped.

Key: C is re-enabled for equipping armor

World Corrupt Bug Alert


~ Avoid placing desks in the world for now, it will lead to a world corruption but that will randomly offset tiles after the desk.

Hotfix: 6.0.38

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to become stuck in the loading screen forever when they reached a world boundary.

6.0.37 End of the World Patch

  • New world!

    • The world is now clusters into regions.
    • World Generation now works on a per region basis.
    • World Rendery re-factored to use GPU more efficiently
    • Added new 'layer' rendery system allowing for structure tiles.
    • Added tile edging, when two tiles of a different type touch a small edge is rendered to blend them together.
    • New Networking pipeline for the world that handles a per region basis for clients.
    • World Generation now occurs on another thread that is only active when its got a job to do.
  • New Placeables

    • Placeables now correctly work with all fixture types.
    • Placeables are now rendered in a single batch, greatly improving there performance.
    • Placeables are now activated by being near them putting the cursor over them and pressing Q. (IE: Doors)
    • Placeables are now network sync'd and saved and loaded in there region.
    • Placeables can now flipped (Right click while you are placing one).
    • Placeables can now be placed on other placeables that are set up to be in world stackable. (tables)
    • Tables act like platforms, in that you can walk through them but if you jump up you will stand on them
  • Interactions

    • User can now place tiles in the FOREGROUND or BACKGROUND. Select tile in Tool Bar and RIGHT click to play in background and LEFT click to place in FOREGROUND.
    • User has been given a large number of test schematics to go have fun making and customizing their locations
    • Creatures can drop items that are usable
    • Back tiles can be busted using the mining tool but RIGHT click instead of LEFT click
    • On disconnect can reconnect without restarting client should properly clean to allow reconnect
  • FX

    • A new sound manager has been added to the game, making it alot easier to setup sounds in the game.
    • Most creatures have new sounds put on them but not final
    • Beam effects have been tweaked and added to most of the tools of the game.
    • Lighting has been optimized
    • Ambient occlusion has been added for tiles connected to back tiles
    • Items that emit light no longer get strangely shadded
  • General Optimizations

    • Processing Threads now sleep when they are not needed.
    • Tiles now require far less memory reducing the memory footprint of the world over all.
    • Batchmode no longer loads any textures.
    • Sprites are now rendered in batches.
  • Networking Optimizations

    • Prediction States of creatures are now better optimized and should move faster even with a high ping.
    • World Regions are now compressed before being transmitted.
    • If a Region does not get sent, will go into loading screen and freeze/immune/ player until they have loaded the region
  • Known Issues

    • Offset for placeables stacked on others off. So sometimes they will float a bit over it
    • Doors require 1 more tile then they need to be placed
    • Doors collision is wider than the door
    • Beams continue to show even when a UI is open or over it
    • Some creatures have sound sync issues
    • Sometimes a creature can get stuck in an animation (rare)
    • Sometimes can get into a stuck loading screen (rare)

5.1.33 Let's get Crafty

  • Crafting
    • Create new characters and new worlds
    • E is now the new inventory open button
    • Open inventory and you will see 2 items
    • Right click the item to get access to it's action
    • You can have both items context windows open at one time
    • Currently do not require a station to craft or refine
    • Right click a resource to split it
    • Refined resources get unique stats on them so each time you refine that stack is considered a unique item
    • If you select an item that is stack-able a spinner will appear near the next button, that will represent how many of that item you wish to craft and will update schematic requirements proportionality
    • 9 test schematics have been auto added to new characters and do not represent final schematic requirements but represent a range of possible schematic set ups for testing.
  • Adjusted entity cell size to improve performance
  • No longer making OnGUI calls to improve performance
  • Saving now occurs every 10 mins and can be toggled on the server by giving the command nosave
  • All panels can now be moved around and their positions are saved
  • Resource Refining added
  • Context menus correctly propagate to all items
  • Adjusted UI artwork
  • Added close button
  • Removed pointless warning logging
  • create "kit" framework that can be used for client/server item manipulation
  • Added the ability to pre-load schematics onto a character
  • Updated descriptions to help facilitate crafting
  • Added 9 items that are now craft-able
  • Fixed an issue that caused currently equipped item not be able to be manipulated
  • Added Mouse scroll wheel to be able to alternate between action bar
  • A special challenge item to make "ArkLight 1000" was added to the list. Good luck!
  • Pumpkins have been removed
  • Leapers are back

Inventory Part 2/2 Performance BOOST!


    • Huge performance boost for server running. Should see somewhere around a 20 - 30% less processor use while running the server.
    • Performance increase on active entities in the world.
    • Optimizations on how entities detect each other
  • Inventory Part 2/2

    • Player can now Open inventory by pressing ( I ) on the keyboard.
    • Players save correctly their position of items.
    • Player can split stacks by hitting ( ctrl left click )
    • Player can move items into their action bar and back
    • All items now have world representations
    • In world items now respect phase 1 of world physics
    • When dropping an item, can drop it where the cursor is located
  • Known Issues

  • LARGE numbers of items in the world can cause noticeable slow down (50+)
  • Charges sometimes don't get consumed like they should.

5.0. 21 UI FaceLift and (1/2)Inventory

  • New inventory system
    • Only accessible through tool bar right now
    • Can drag and drop items in different places in action bar
    • Will save locations of times from leaving and coming back into that character
  • Complete UI revamp using flash integration
    • New Main menu new
    • In-game interface updated
  • Global particle effects work
  • Adding 4 new creatures
    • Cyber Turtle
    • OctoPsi
    • Old Zombie
    • Rocket Penguin (Does not currently fire a projectile)
  • better entity spawning/de-spawning
  • Fixed issue where entities were not being rendered were failing to receive clean up events
  • Missile got explosion particle effect and AoE added to it
  • Cleaned up issue where effects on animated projectiles
  • Added DEATH animations to all active creatures
  • Added variable Damage types to different creatures
  • Fixed an issue where gun accuracy cones were not syncing their random selections. Now sync properly.

Known Issues

  • IRC integration disabled
  • Avatar customization disabled
  • When dragging and dropping items in the tool bar selected item continue to fire
  • The client and server do not clean up correctly when disconnected, and require a restart after a disconnect or shutdown

Skip Patch 5.0.10

  • Burst text

  • Dynamic Lights on projectiles

  • Dynamic lights on creatures

  • Fixed issues with projectile callbacks and creature call backs

  • SUPER optimized lighting

  • Disables render on unfocused game windows

  • Added test beam weapon

  • Disabled Colored light for now

  • Post Effect Upgrade On lighting

  • COMPLETE overhaul of launcher

  • No longer double pulling entities from range check

5.0.3 Go Go Lighting GO!

  • Optimized Large Piranavore (No more eaty of the CPU)
  • Added a reload icon that pops up on global cool down of switching weapons and when you need to reload
  • Made the canister gun heal health and energy
  • Changed the global spawner to not spawn leapers automatic for now
  • Fixed the canister rifle. No longer fires 2 projectiles at once.
  • Optimized Lighting
  • Colored Lights
  • Doors
  • Fixtures for left and right walls
  • Fixed preview to show correct preview for what it is attached too

  • KNOWN ISSUE (Dynamic lights are not updating exactly as intended, you might experience a sudden hitch every once in awhile)

ArkCo Strikes BACK!

    • Entirely revamped networking architecture
    • You can now see your ping in the top right corner
  • New Entity management
  • Wide Screen view 16:9
  • Guns/Projectiles/Effects Oh MY!
    • Now have structure implemented for guns, projectile behavior, and effects
    • First co-op weapon try out (number 3, if hits a targets) when you shoot number 2 or if another player shoots 2 will track to that target.
  • New world generation
    • Faster
    • Topography specific to biome
    • Larger
  • HUGE optimizations all around
    • Particle system
    • World sprites
    • placeable sprites
  • Placeables
    • Number 7 will allow you to place a basic placeable
    • You can see when your placing and others can see this action as well the current placeable generates light
  • Lighting
    • Big time optimizations
    • revamp into real like rendering
    • (you can turn it off on the server by click in server and pressing “L”)
  • Improved world sync compression for faster load times
  • New Launcher!
    • No more pesky weirdness
    • Will only patch new files
    • looks pretty sweet
  • Health and energy are now hooked up and replicate and accessible by other fun things
    • Jet pack now drains energy
    • Energy currently regins fairly quickly

4.1.2 Network Quick

  • General networking optimization

4.1 Minor Fixes


*Fixed an issue that cause worlds and players to not save (because the folder was not being created for them)

*Fixed an issue that made the player not render in the character creation screen.

*Fixed packet traffic for player, should improve general traffic speed for player syncing.

Pretty Patch

  • Basic Tiles now reflect the art to the biome they are in.
  • Ecosystem placeables now generate when the world generates
  • Biome specific backgrounds are in and shift depending on the biome you are located in
  • First pass of lighting has been implemented. (Place number 6 as a light source)
  • Female body updates correctly in character creation
  • Resource distribution and biome distribution development tools implemented
  • First pass on resource distribution implemented
  • First pass on biome distribution implemented
  • batched all sprite render.
  • added first pass of 'particle physics'

(Known issues, invisible character creation)

Should notice a huge improvement in frame rate.

3.1 minPatch

  • Fixed players not syncing correctly
  • Packet Processing no longer frame dependent
  • Now using burst packets to update client stats to improve performance and packet processing
  • Fixed issues with creature snapshots becoming corrupting
  • Fixed issues that caused creatures to be unkillable
  • Cleaned up players update snapshot packets
  • Cleaned up some creature code


  • Fixed Issue that cause packets to not be sent right when queued
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the top of the world to not sync properly
  • Fixed an issue causing players not to receive the correct list of characters
  • Adjusted the aim angle for weapons, the should now correctly line up with the cursor
  • Fixed creature aggro to not correctly work from the left side of the creature
  • Optimized world syncing packet size
  • Implemented a fix that should fix the issue where more than 4+ unique connections on a server, every connection after would be rejected.
  • Your character nick now shows up as your name in IRC (for now) This will likely change a little.

One big Patch


Alright, so it's been a bit since we last patched, but it's all culminated into a lot of developer features implemented and working, a lot of smoothing of game play, and server side joy!!! So lets get this list rolling

  • Characters Saved Server Side
  • Selection between Genders
  • First Pass on player customization
  • Replication of Gender
  • Cleaning up Jittering gun
  • Name of players over your head
  • Spawning system clean up
  • Optimization of run time (smoother game play)
  • Adjusted Muzzle for rifle types
  • Name Character
  • Implemented health/health replication
  • Optimized rendery to batch sprite drawing
  • Added damage on contact to all monsters
  • Expanded spawning range and visual active distance
  • Implemented 10 new armors
  • Implemented armor swapping (click C when in the game and select from the drop down menu on which armor piece you want to be wearing.
  • Added the 4th slot (the back!) current used for the jetpack part of a suit
  • Cleaned up the jump animation
  • Standardized hitting animation on armors
  • Implemented knock back collision system
  • Added real player heads under the suit
  • Put in new gun graphic for the rifle
  • New position and format for tool tips
  • System for loading players implemented
  • Tangable Data base up and running and connected
  • System for updating and syncing tangables on build implemented
  • Gun types moved to Core
  • Tools Moved to Core
  • Added death and respawn

Activated! 2.0

  • Creature Spawning Enabled
  • Now using spatial hash to improve performance and increase accuracy in collision detection and entity range checks

Patch 1.19 Creatures Part1


The creature patch part 1

  • Implemented IRC client in-game (Currently goes to a special channel for this iteration)
  • Check Area Valid spawn ( Global spawning system related )
  • Ground validation check (Global spawn system related )
  • Added timer pause for timeouts when the client is loading
  • Fixed movement while having a field selected for text (Disable movement while in bug mode)
  • Cleanly add creatures spawned to client and remove them from clients when they are killed and remove from server
  • Add OnRecieve() to creatures (Creatures now take damage instead as they should)
  • Temporarily re-enabled the ability for users to spawn creatures at will.
  • Implemented the global spawning system (currently disabled)
  • Full creature API implemented (Big Update)
  • 3 creatures completely revamped with new behaviors
  • Creatures correctly populate and maintain an aggro list
  • Fixed rapid re-connection edge case

Tip "Bomb droid is on the spawn list but is dependent on the hunter seeker, so spawning it by itself will not do anything"

Mini 1.13

  • Applied Packet structure optimization to writing, to improve game networking for users with some lagy networks.

1.12 Optimization

  • (Optimization) Using a single buffer to read all packet traffic, MORE SPEED!
  • Fixed flickering of player movement (No more vibration)
  • Fixed player not falling when tiles deleted under them
  • Tiles have been set to be placed faster for testing

Patch 1.11 Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue that caused a buffer overwrite and caused clients to be disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to not be visible
  • Fixed an issue that caused some world packets to not arrive
  • Fixed an issue that caused the user count to flicker between zero and the real count.

Patch 1.10 MegaNetwork!

  • Menu complete overhaul for easier navigation
  • Identification of version type in the build, as well as added version to bug report
  • Added a game log console for cut and past of info into bug
  • Added first round of place holder sound SFX and sound Replication (looping sounds do not replicate at the moment)
  • Implemented new projectile system
  • Complete network overhaul, added threading to all major system
  • Adjusted Weapon/tool pivot
  • Added in-game error reporting
  • updated announcement area to allow for longer patch notes
  • Updated player replication
  • Player snapshot syncing is deployed to ensure server authentication of actions
  • World Streaming system deployed to decrease loading time on server entry
  • Updated Tile world packets for smoother and more accurate tracking of digging and destroying blocks
  • Updated the packet buffer to insure packet order.
  • Blocks can no longer be drawn over a character
  • Updated Player Sprite (Fixed spine loss, updated male thicker legs, and tweaked the pixils)
  • Heartbeat packet added to track and ensure the server cleans up players
  • Cleaned up "kicked" states for disconnect, returning to main menu, world, and network controler
  • Stacked player updates for a single transmit
  • Players now render in correct order
  • Character sprite got a slight update
  • Server controls to track players and go to free cam were added
  • Integrated markdown for announcements for the pretty snazzy effect
  • Added in the main theme under consideration
  • Added in game music under consideration
  • Added game start loading screen
  • Added information about worlds and an invalid state when they need to be cleared out
  • User count correctly tracks active users now
  • Test Creatures have been removed as they need to be updated with the new networking system
  • Optimized Tile world generation ( current biome generation data has been reset )
  • Added alpha back into tile rendering (Boy it looks perty)
  • Added a loading icon for world generation and world loading
  • Added player render order fix (player on client will always render ontop of other players)
  • Set icon for the game as same as the launcher
  • Removed Plants & Pod to be re-implemented once peaceable have new networking pass

(Next Patch, Creatures!)

Next Patch



The mega networking update patch is scheduled to be pushed between 28th - 30th. We have a whole new refined network archetecture that will fix numorous bugs, and we are also catching some of the other frequent bugs we've been getting in the system.

This will also be the deployment of the snap shot system. Also everything got a threading pass. Even tile world got some love. For those who don't know how awsome threading is, it's really awesome. Again, your patience is more than appreciated, and you have helped us identify and fix these core issues which is exactly what the beta is for.

Physics Patch 1.04


-Fixed Physics stepping to more accurately predict collision removing fall through
-Added number display of users on a server
-Adjusted Players collider to fix in a 4 tile height space
-Cleaned up old systems that have become legacy to the new entity system
-Fixed an order of operations issue that caused physics to glitch and allow entities to be pushed in the terrain
-Projectiles now inherit velocity from the player
Update Thank you! This patch has helped us identify a bug that has been evading us for some time within networking. We have it in our sites and we are working diligently to solve the problem. This beta start has been a tremendous help so far with clearing up and hardening our core stuff before we add back more. Keep it up ArkCo Recruits!

Morning Patch 1.03

  • Adding this new fancy announcement system
  • Integrated Announcements into the game Bug
  • Fixed the bug in the description text area to stay in the box.

First Announcement!


The 2nd round of wrap up keys have been sent out. We will send out another round in a few days.

For those who had split rewards, we are still sorting those out and they should be sent out very soon.